Sleeves are too long

When Ordering Your Custom Shirts

Common Fit Problems

Sleeves are too long

You feel like the sleeves are coming down too far over your hands or that when you wear a jacket you are showing too much cuff.

A good sleeve length can be calculated like this:

With your arms hanging relaxed at your sides and the cuffs of the shirt unbuttoned, the sleeves should come down around 1cm before the first knuckle of your thumb.
This may seem too long to some people, but you also have to make sure that you pair it with cuffs sized appropriately to your wrists.  This because when the cuffs are buttoned they will prevent the cuff from sliding too far over your hand.
The extra length on the sleeves will then allow you to bend and raise your arms without the cuff sliding up too much over your forearm.

Alterations on the cuffs

If the cuff is coming too far down over the persons hand, tightening the cuff can improve the fit.  The cuff should fit comfortably around your wrist but be tight enough that when buttoned it doesn’t slide too far over your hand.
However, if the cuffs are already stopping the cuff at the correct spot on the hand, but there is too much extra fabric blousing above the cuff, then you do not want to make the cuffs tighter.


We try to take shrinkage into consideration when we cut the fabric for the sleeves, if they seem too long straight out of the box please consider that they will shrink with the first few washings.
As a general rule we consider an average shrinkage of 1cm on the sleeves of our shirts, but this can vary depending on the fabric composition and washing temperatures.

Showing part of the cuff while wearing a sport jacket

This is a result that most of us would like to obtain with the length of our shirts, please consider that quite often you might need to adjust also the length of the jacket’s sleeves in order to show the right amount of cuff fabric.

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