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Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640, The Fall of Phaeton, c.1604/5 100% Silk Hand Rolled Designed and Printed in Britain 42cm x 42cm This pocket square from Rampley&Co features the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton. Rubens depicts the myth at the height of its action, with thunderbolts being hurled by Zeus to the right. These provide the light contrast needed to facilitate the display of horror on the faces of Phaeton, the horses and other figures while preserving the overall darkness of the event. The butterfly-winged female figures represent the hours and seasons, who react in terror as the night and day cycle becomes disrupted. The great astrological circle that arches the heavens is also disrupted and the assemblage of bodies form a diagonal oval in the centre, perfectly separating the dark and light sides of the canvas. A real favourite of ours, this stunning painting works beautifully as a pocket square and provides a unique story and piece to talk about as well as being hugely versatile and complimenting a variety of jacket or accessory styles and colours.

INTRODUCING: Cordovan Shell Leather, Goodyear Welted custom shoes!

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