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Silk pocket square from Rampley&Co featuring Jacopo Tintoretto’s masterpiece Saint George and the Dragon, about 1555 © The National Gallery, London 100% Silk Hand Rolled Designed and Printed in Britain 42cm x 42cm Saint George is seen here about to defeat the dragon by the edge of the sea. The treatment of the subject is unusual, with the figure of the fleeing princess dominant, and in the centre lies a corpse which the dragon was about to eat. The visual narrative reads back from the princess, with the blue and rose colours picked up in the draperies of the corpse and Saint George, and in the pink and blue tints of the cloudscape. The high horizon and viewpoint also help create tension and drama in this stunning picture. It was first recorded in 1648 in the Palazzo Correr in Venice, although we do not know whether it was made for the Correr family. However, the stunning colour combination lends itself perfectly to a pocket square and offsets brilliantly against a darker jacket or blazer.

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