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Men silk pocket square featuring Canaletto 1697 - 1768, Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day 1740, © The National Gallery, London To symbolize the marriage of Venice to the sea, the Doge of Venice drops a gold ring into the Grand Canal. This is the scene depicted here in one of Canaletto’s finest paintings. The annual festival, which has taken place for more than 1000 years, symbolizes Venice’s dominance of the seas during this period in history. Canaletto's painting works beautifully on a pocket square due to its contrasting areas of color and detail. By experimenting with different folds, it's very simple to pair with numerous outfits. We particularly like the puff fold and the more flamboyant double-point roll paired with a summer suit.


100% Silk - Hand Rolled

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Designed and printed in Britain Size 42cm X 42cm

INTRODUCING: Cordovan Shell Leather, Goodyear Welted custom shoes!

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