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Dice Pattern Selftipped Italian Silk Tie – Blue/Camel Mix

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Handmade 3-fold selftipped silk tie with handrolled edges. Printed Italian silk, dice pattern in a mix of blue and camel color shades. Our printed ties are handmade in Italy by skilled artisans that follow the age-old tradition of hand-cutting the beautiful silks printed in the Lago di Como region, hand three-folding of the fabric, hand sewing it around a woolen soul and finally tipping the tie with the main fabric. The selection of a lining in wool is not casual, as it allows for a rich feeling when manipulating the tie, a luxurious shape of your knots and better durability of your tie. Our SS21 collection pays homage to the fresh colors of summer: the more classic tie patterns are reinterpreted and stylized with contemporary, vibrant yet versatile motifs, while the more playful designs are a nod to the 70’s Italian glam.

Product details

Printed Italian Luxury Silk Width: 7,5cm (around 3 inches) Length: 148cm (around 58 inches) Material: 100% silk Construction: 3-fold self-tipped Lining: Medium/Light Printed in Como, Italy Handmade in Italy

INTRODUCING: Cordovan Shell Leather, Goodyear Welted custom shoes!

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